Halloween Pet Safety πŸŽƒ

Halloween can be a fun time of the year! Pet parents love to dress up their furry friends in costumes of all kinds.

Your pets may want to wear outfits, but pet parents should be aware of some Halloween hazards…

Halloween Treats to Avoid

ANY kind of chocolate. Dark and baker’s chocolate have theobromine which can overstimulate dogs. Chocolate is very harmful to dogs causing a rapid heart rate, shaking, seizures and death.

By comparison, milk chocolate has 44mg of theobromine per ounce and semisweet chocolate has 150mg of theobromine per ounce. Baker’s chocolate has almost 390mg of theobromine per ounce.

Also, cats and birds are highly sensitive to theobromine. A lethal theobromine dose for dogs is around 50mg per pound.

Best pet parent advice: Avoid any chocolate for your pets.

Raisins and grapes. Oranges, cantaloupe and peaches are safe for dogs. But for unknown reasons, raisin and grapes are very harmful to dogs, causing kidney failure or worse.

Cats don’t like sweet foods and are not grape or raisin eaters. But these fruits are safe for birds.

Diet treats with Xylitol. Treats like sugar-free gum, candy and cookies will harm your dog. There are over 700 Xylitol products on the market, including peanut butter, toothpaste and cosmetics!

Make sure your children do not feed your dog any sugar-free treats. Xylitol will damage your dog’s liver and cause a rapid fall in blood pressure.

Even one gram of Xylitol will cause enough damage for a veterinary visit. Cats and birds don’t seem to have a problem with Xylitol.

Better to be safe. Avoid any sugar-free foods for your pets.

Foil wrapping and pennies. If ingested, shiny candy wrapping can cause intestinal problems in dogs. And shiny wrap is very dangerous because it attract birds.

Some people hand out coins instead of candy, a bad habit for dogs who will eat anything.

Pennies contain 99% zinc which can dissolve into the bloodstream. Pennies can cause kidney problems or severe anemia in dogs.

Macadamia nuts. You might find these nuts in a treat bag. Dogs are susceptible and macadamia nuts can cause back leg weakness, temporary paralysis, diarrhea and vomiting.

Best pet parent advice: Don’t let your dog eat macadamia nuts.

But cats and birds can eat macadamia nuts without a problem.

Candles, Jack O’Lanterns and electrical cords. Any kind of flame can burn a curious pet. Candle holders can be knocked over and start a fire. Birds are attracted to the light, can fly into Jack O’Lanterns and get stuck inside.

Electrical cords can snake all around to power those special Halloween effects. Be sure to keep them hidden.

Better to be safe: Avoid your pet’s curiosity and temptation to chew on loose wires.

Artificial spider webs and polyurethane glue. Birds can get snared in artificial spider webs around the house.

Dogs can eat polyurethane glue causing a rock-like mass in the stomach which must be surgically removed.

Keep homemade decorations out of reach to prevent your dog from eating any glue.

Pet parent reminder: Keep homemade decorations out of reach to prevent your dog from eating any glue.

Mean people. Bad people are the worst threat of all. Some people steal animals like black cats, for animal rituals or sacrifice during Halloween .

Keep your pets safe indoors and close to home. Reminder: Beware if your let your cats roam freely on Halloween.

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Pet costumes. Your pet may not like wearing a costume. Don’t let her wear it unsupervised. She can knock things over trying to get out of the costume.

Your cat can get tangled or try to eat his costume, creating a choking hazard. Make sure no rubber bands are left on your pet when the costume is removed.

Strangers at the door. Your pet might be afraid of strangers dressed in costumes. She could bite trick-or-treaters.

Keep your pet secured in a room away from the door during Halloween.

Halloween reminder: Keep your pet secured in a room away from the door during Halloween.

source: Halloween Dangers

Thanks for keeping your pets safe! 😎
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