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Welcome to the home of Dr. Pet Mom! We’re a community for all pet parents and pet lovers. We share our stories about pet joy, animal heroes, pet adoptions, pet parent families, pet celebration days, and more! We’ll highlight the joy and happiness that pets bring to our lives. 😍

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About Page
If you’re riding the fence about adopting a pet, a recent pet lover convert, or a lifetime pet lover, all are welcome here! Join the Dr. Pet Mom community and read all about pet joy and happiness through animal-human connections. Our primary mission: To help rescue animals become family pets through adoption…

Updates Page
Stop by for the latest news on Dr. Pet Mom’s community and Dr. Pet Mom herself. New projects, partnerships, and events will be posted here. Also join our email list here.

Resources Page
Dr. Pet Mom provides links to rescue and shelter groups, health tips for your pet, resources on pet parenting, and more. Resources, resources, and more!

Contact Page
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Features under development include:

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