About Dr. Pet Mom πŸ€”

Dr. Pet Mom is a community for pet parents everywhere. We’re a community in celebration of pets, and the joy and happiness that they bring to our lives. If you’re riding the fence about adopting a pet, a recent pet lover convert, or a lifetime pet lover, all are welcome here!

We’ll share pet stories, interviews with pet parents, veterinarians and their staff, weekly blogs, and a monthly newsletter. Dr. Pet Mom is a special place for animals – I can’t say enough about how animals touch our lives.

I’m sort of a late bloomer pet parent but I grew up around pets. Dogs were our favorite adopted pets – my sibling wanted to have a pet, to develop people skills for a future job in the social service industry.

I’ve been a dog person most of my life. Moving and small living spaces prevented me from adopting a dog. I heard stories of people who are afraid of dogs. But I figured maybe they never met a nice, friendly dog. I’m going to write a blog about a loving dog who melted the fear in a human heart.

When I finally met cat lovers, I gained more appreciation for how animals share their joy. To me, cats were a mystery, aloof, quiet, watchful, all non-doggie traits. After adopting several rescue cats, experiencing their personalities and unique signs of affection (eye blinking, upright tails, talking and purring) – well I was hooked.

And adopting birds was another part of my pet parenting journey. Some birds sing, squawk, whistle or chatter when they talk. Different bird species can live together and learn to talk to each other. Sometimes my home sounds like a rain forest!

Our mission at Dr. Pet Mom is simple: To create a pet parent community to encourage adoption of rescue and shelter animals. We want to help pets find their forever homes.

Our vision is to establish a retirement home for senior and special needs pets.

More details will follow on our latest project.

Thank you and we invite you to join Dr. Pet Mom’s pet parent community!