FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) πŸ€”

What is Dr. Pet Mom?
Dr. Pet Mom is a community for pet parents everywhere. We’re a community in celebration of pets, and the joy and happiness that they bring to our lives. If you’re riding the fence about adopting a pet, a recent pet lover convert, or a lifetime pet lover, all are welcome!

We encourage adopting older and special needs pets. Kittens and puppies are always popular. We invite pet parents to also adopt animals that are overlooked at adoption events.

Our mission is simple: To create a pet parent community to encourage adoption of rescue and shelter animals. We want to help pets find their forever homes.

We’ll share pet stories, interviews with pet parents, veterinarians and their staff, weekly blogs, and a monthly newsletter. Dr. Pet Mom is a special place for animals. We can’t say enough about how animals touch our lives.

Who is Dr. Pet Mom?
Dr. Bessie DiDomenica is the co-founder and curator of Dr. Pet Mom Pet Parent Community. She writes weekly blogs, pet parent tips, and an ongoing Daily Dog Diary about her dog petting adventures.

Is Dr. Pet Mom a real doctor?
YES! Dr. DiDomenica is not a veterinarian, but she has a doctorate. She has a PhD in public policy. Her expertise is studying food policy, food systems, and urban agriculture. Animal protection is an important public policy concern and Dr. DiDomenica is inspired to serve as the curator of rescue animals.

What are three things that I should know about adopting pets?
Due diligence is important. That means potential pet parents should visit a rescue or shelter first. Talk to staff about the kind of pet you’re thinking of adopting. Be sure to explore your lifestyle to ensure you have time and can afford to adopt a pet.

Next, prepare your home for a new pet. Food, feeding areas, litter boxes, comfortable beds, hiding spaces, and lots of toys can help your pet adjust quickly.

Finally, give your newest family member time to adjust to a new home. Life will be very different from their past life in a rescue or shelter. Give them safe areas to rest and ease them into meeting other pets in your home.

Most of all, be patient.

I never adopted a pet before. What’s the basic information I need to know?
You can start with the three items listed above. Other basic information includes asking your friends about a good veterinarian in your area.

Think about your pet’s nutritional needs, toys, and equipment: you may need safety gates for stairs, slip-proof mats or padding for wooden floors.

Basic information also includes understanding your role as a responsible pet parent. Remember to take time to train your pet with simple commands, and set the boundaries for good and bad behavior.

Prepare yourself for behavioral problems such as excessive barking, damaged furniture or shoes, or separation anxiety. Again, talk to your veterinarian or staff at a rescue or shelter about your concerns.

Review your budget and expect health problems for your pet at any age. Each pet is different. But keep your furry family member as healthy as possible with a nutritious diet, regular exercise, training, bonding and socialization.

Why should I support DrPetMom.com?
We are a pet parent community for people who love animals. Building community is a shared process. When you support Dr. Pet Mom, you are sharing good will with other pet parents.

When you follow Dr. Pet Mom on social media, you’re creating your pet parent community. You are also encouraging pet adoptions, which is the heart that drives what we do at Dr. Pet Mom.

We want to help all animals find a lasting home.

And you can help us reach our goals. You can join our email list, retweet a blog, or submit a photo or video of your favorite pets.

Dr. Pet Mom is also writing a book on pet adoptions. We will post updates as they develop.

What else do I need to know about DrPetMom.com?
Stop by often for updates and to read the weekly blogs. We are a small group but very inspired to help in adopting rescue and shelter animals.

What kind of blogs do you write?
Our blogs are a combination of pet stories, pet parent tips, celebration of special pet days and events, our personal stories and celebrations, and a variety of pet-related topics.

Dr. DiDomenica is also an independent researcher and can write about some of her studies and research projects.

What are the long term goals for DrPetMom.com?
Our vision includes providing a retirement home for senior and special needs pets. We’re also creating podcasts and Dr. Pet Mom swag.

Who is @SocialClaude?
@SocialClaude is the spouse of Dr. DiDomenica and our Director of Imagination and Technology as well as Community Manager. He’s been involved with online communications for over 25 years.

@SocialClaude is responsible for setting up, maintaining and managing this website and all of Dr. Pet Mom’s social media. He shares Dr. DiDomenica’s passion for our pet friends.

He is also an award-wining video producer/director, jazz musician and formally trained in computer technical support.