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Dr. Pet Mom is developing a revenue stream entirely funded by community support from pet parents just like you. For now, our crowdfunding infrastructure is in the works. Until our plan is in place, we will provide tips on different ways that you can help today…

Donate a sewing machine.

Dr. Pet Mom has been quilting for shelter pets in areas hit by natural disasters – floods, hurricanes and forest fires. Recently her 20-year-0ld sewing machine croaked.

Hurricane season in the US starts in June and ends after Thanksgiving. Dr. Pet Mom needs your help to continue making these kennel quilts for rescue animals in high-risk natural disaster areas.

More information here:

Quilting For Rescue Pets 🧡

photo by @SocialClaude

If you care to help, please contact us.

Adopt rescue and shelter pets.

This tops our list of ways you can help and is the primary reason the Dr. Pet Mom effort exists: to encourage pet adoption, especially of older and special needs rescue and shelter pets.

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Submit your pet photos and videos.

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Spread the word about Dr. Pet Mom.

Tell your family, friends, coworkers, fellow parishioners and other pet moms and dads about Dr. Pet Mom. Talk about us online and by word of mouth.

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We appreciate your time and interest in Dr. Pet Mom. Our promise to pet parents is to offer weekly blogs and regular updates.

Our promise to pets is to work hard to encourage more adoptions for rescue and shelter animals. With your help, we can make that happen!

Connect and create networks, and build community capital.

Our ‘community capital’ begins with people like you – animal lovers and pet parents. Building community is a shared process.

Your social media support, photo and video submissions, retweets and sharing create your pet parents community.

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