Quilting For Rescue Pets 🧡

My mission as Dr. Pet Mom is to try to help as many animals as possible. I discovered another way to help animals: Quilting.

This month, I’m finishing up my project as a volunteer for a local cat rescue, Bay State Animal Cooperative. This time of year is the busy kitten season and I’m helping to process adoption applications.

I have a new volunteer project in mind to help adopt dogs at the Shultz’s Guest House. This all-volunteer group transports lost, homeless and abandoned dogs from Tennessee, where both veterinary care is expensive, and animal protection laws are lax. I’m looking forward to helping puppies and dogs find their forever homes.

My latest project was totally unexpected. I received an email from a quilting magazine with a volunteer group called the TQPM Small Kennel Quilt Team. They make quilts to fit pet carriers for cats and small dogs.

photo: @SocialClaude

The volunteer quilt team has a special mission: To serve when disasters strike. The kennel quilts help animals in times of need.

The group receives requests for kennel quilts from local shelters impacted by natural disasters – flooding, hurricanes, forest fires, winter storms, mudslides, and tornadoes.

These animal rescue groups need supplies, more than just food and water. Warm, comfy quilts are another precious resource for homeless animals.

The Quilt Pattern Magazine provides free quilting patterns for any skill level. I found a big bag of fabric scraps in the closet, set up my sewing machine, and tried my hand at quilting.

I set my goal to make 12 quilts to send to two rescue groups in flood areas:

I’m happy to share that I sent 12 quilts this week!

photo: @SocialClaude

I’ve re-discovered quilting and it’s a lot of fun! If you can’t donate money, donate your time to help rescue animals with a small kennel quilt. Be creative. And you don’t have to be an expert quilter.

I love the simple idea of quilting to give back to our rescue animals! It gives them a warm and comfortable space.

And it’s one small thing you can do to help even more homeless animals.

Added bonus: The cats and dogs can take the quilts with them to their new forever homes!

Dr. Pet Mom

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