Celebrating Dr. Pet Mom’s Six Month Milestones! πŸ₯³

August is winding down and we’ll soon be into the fall season. A time for transition is in the air. Looking back, it’s been six months since the launch of our Dr. Pet Mom website.

Six months. Time to look at where we are today, new projects and future plans for Dr. Pet Mom.

Weekly milestones include:

  • Daily social media updates from @SocialClaude
  • Two blogs published each week
  • Daily Dog Diary updates from Dr. Pet Mom
  • Pet Parent Tips from Dr. Pet Mom

Projects that make us proud:

Dr. Pet Mom volunteering for Bay State Animal Cooperative, a cat rescue group.

@SocialClaude snagged our first interview about a rescued kitten left in a trash can:

Proud pet parents submitting their family pet photos to Dr. Pet Mom’s Community Pets page:

Dr. Pet Mom volunteering for Shultz’s Guest House, a dog rescue group.

source: sghrescue.org/about-us/

Dr. Pet Mom joined a volunteer quilt team with a mission: To serve when disasters strike. The kennel quilts help animals in times of need.

Successful social media campaign for a new sewing machine donated by Brother Sewing Machines! Donation request will help Dr. Pet Mom sew kennel quilts for cats and dogs in need:

Since the hurricane season began in June, these animal rescue groups received kennel quilts:

photo by @SocialClaude
photo by @SocialClaude
photo by @SocialClaude

Dr. Pet Mom is working on a second draft of her book about adopting older and special needs pets.

Future plans include:

  • Secure donations for quilting supplies to continue making kennel quilts for cats and dogs in need
  • Edit, publish and launch new book by the end of 2019
  • Continue to engage people to join Dr. Pet Mom’s pet parent community
  • More interviews with pet parents
  • Offer Dr. Pet Mom Swag
  • Weekly podcasts
  • Pet Heroes and Friends project
  • Freebies and cool downloads

We thank our pet parent community members for their help in adopting older and special needs pets!!

Thanks for reading,
Dr. Pet Mom

“I am in favor of animal rights as well as human rights. That is the way of a whole human being.”
–Abraham Lincoln

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