Interview: Robby Starbuck And His Miracle Kitten 🙏

Video Director and Producer Robby Starbuck made a splash on Twitter when he revealed that he found a kitten in a trash can. He chronicled how his family nursed the poor kitty back to health and adopted her into her new forever home. When his children couldn’t decide on the kitten’s name, Robby used social media to make the final choice: Liberty/Libby.

I thought that y’all could use some good news, so I asked for and was granted an interview with Robby…

Dr. Pet Mom: Please tell us more about how you found Liberty/Libby the kitten.

Robby Starbuck: I was dropping my kids off at day camp and I saw a lady who seemed to be talking to a trash can. I approached her to make sure everything was OK and that’s when I heard a faint “meow.” I looked down into the trash can and there was a little kitten staring up at me.

Kitten found in trash (photo: Robby Starbuck)

Dr. Pet Mom: How is your family adjusting to a new furry kitten?

Robby Starbuck: We are a family of animal lovers. My wife and I have been fostering and rescuing animals for over 10 years. The kids are especially in love with having a little curious, mischievous kitten to play with. It has been a little challenging to make sure kids wear a smock and sanitize their hands thoroughly after playing with her because she is still being treated for roundworm.

Dr. Pet Mom: Were you thinking about adopting a cat? Did you adopt Libby on the spur of the moment?

Robby Starbuck: We just moved from California to Tennessee two weeks ago so we weren’t looking for anymore “changes” right away but Miss Liberty stole our hearts so it’s a change we were happy to embrace. She made us feel more at home as we settle into our new home together.

Dr. Pet Mom: Did you first talk to your family before officially adopting Libby?

Robby Starbuck: I called my wife and said, “I have a cat.” She was shocked at first as she couldn’t believe I found a kitten in a trash can! We both knew a kitten was coming home.

Kitten on the way to her new home (photo: Robby Starbuck)

Dr. Pet Mom: What was your first thought when you saw Libby looking up at you from the bottom of the trash can?

Robby Starbuck: I’m totally going to end up keeping this kitten.

Dr. Pet Mom: How did you come up with the name Liberty/Libby?

Robby Starbuck: We let our kids come up with names and they couldn’t agree on one so we decided to use it as a democracy lesson. Our twitter family became the voters and each of our kids’ names were the candidates. Liberty was the winner. It is very fitting that she was liberated from the trash can!

Dr. Pet Mom: Do you think of yourself as a dog person, cat person or a
‘bi-petual’ (cat and dog) person?

Robby Starbuck: I’ve always been a dog person but I love all animals and I’m not going to say I’m a cat person just yet but Libby has stolen my heart so I’ll make an exception for her.

Dr. Pet Mom: What’s the biggest surprise you’re learning from living with a kitten?

Robby Starbuck: I have to vie harder for my wife’s attention. I’m not as cute but thankfully she still loves me a lot.

Dr. Pet Mom: By adopting Libby, you’ve created a whole new fan base of cat
lovers. How is that affecting your business and daily life?

Robby Starbuck: I definitely feel the need to update everyone on what’s happening in Libby’s world. She seems to have taken many hearts on her journey.

Libby doing much better (photo: Robby Starbuck)

Dr. Pet Mom: Will you keep Libby as an outdoor or indoor cat and why?

Robby Starbuck: Well we live on a farm so she will have the opportunity to come and go as she pleases but she is very affectionate and loves attention so I assume she will prefer belly rubs in the air conditioning most of the time.

Dr. Pet Mom: Cats are very social animals. How will you socialize Libby to live with your big doggy?

Robby Starbuck: We have two dogs. A Frenchy named “Shadow” and a Great Dane “Marma” who is blind. I’m sure Marma will want to do some extra sniffing but Marma has always been such a gentle giant so I’m sure she will love Libby.

Shadow is very interested at the sounds coming out of quarantine (the laundry room). He really wants to know who is in there getting so much love. He will get to meet her as soon as she tests negative for roundworm. We will take baby steps in introducing Libby to the dogs so she doesn’t feel scared or overwhelmed.

Dr. Pet Mom: What is your biggest fear in raising a kitten for the first time?

Robby Starbuck: This isn’t the first time we’ve had a kitten but it is the first time we had one so little and young. We don’t have any kitten fears just round worm fears.

Dr. Pet Mom: What are you learning about living in a multiple-pet home?

Robby Starbuck: It’s definitely a hectic time in our lives with a big cross-country move, new everything and trying to make sure the adjustment goes smoothly for everyone including the dogs. We’re definitely going to be learning how our new kitty and our dogs are going to socialize the best. Hopefully things go smoothly!

Libby being held by cat mom (photo: Robby Starbuck)

Dr. Pet Mom: How do you think that Libby rescued you?

Robby Starbuck: We don’t know why Libby ended up in a trash can but we know she was meant to come into our lives. She has already brought our family lots of love, joy and laughter. Kittens are so funny!

Dr. Pet Mom: Anything else you’d like to share with Dr. Pet Mom’s community members?

Robby Starbuck: Love is very powerful. I saw a scared, feral kitten completely traumatized in a trash can come to our home and within 24 hours transform into a different cat.

After flea treatment, IV fluids and some healthy food and rest she earned our trust. She rolled on her back for belly rubs and purred as we gave her a bath! She didn’t fight, scratch or run away. She trusted that we would help her and now she trusts that we will love her…forever.

Dr. Pet Mom: Thanks Robby so much for taking time for this interview. And thanks for adopting your special needs dog, Marma. Best of luck with your new family member, Libby!

My cat, Oscar, was not found in the trash but he was found near a feral cat colony. By some miracle he’s not only a very nice cat, he’s also a therapy cat for @SocialClaude. Thank you God! 😎

Oscar the chair thief in his cat dad’s chair (photo: @SocialClaude)

Thanks for reading!
Dr. Pet Mom

“Until one has loved an animal, a part of one’s soul remains unawakened.” 
―Anatole France

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