Moving Pets Cross Country 🚚

Let’s face it – moving is stressful enough. More pet parents won’t let their pets travel by plane. Instead, they choose to drive their pets thousands of miles to their new home.

Moving cross country with your pets can make you crazy. But it doesn’t have to be a trip to the asylum for you or your pet. Smart pet parents plan and prepare for their cross country move.

A few travel tips before you and your pet hit the road:

ID and microchip your pet: In case of an accident or your pet gets lost, make sure her ID tags are current. Microchipping and your cellphone number on her ID tag is a good idea.

Check in with your veterinarian: Let them know you’re planning a cross country trip. Make sure your pet is healthy and free from parasites that weaken his immune system.

Pet travel kit: The basics should include your pet travel kit, pet food in plastic bags, and a travel-friendly water bowl.

Keep veterinary emergency info on hand. Visit VCA Animal Hospitals to find veterinary care by city, state and zip code.

Regular bathroom breaks and exercise: You don’t want to drive all day without a break. Be aware that your cat or dog will need regular bathroom breaks.

For cats, take a break to set up a travel litter box or disposable litter box which you can throw out after she uses the bathroom.

For dogs, they need a break every few hours. Let them sniff around the area and take their time for a pee break.

Remember to stretch and walk your dog every eight hours. Exercise will be good for you and your pet. And buy a good car harness for your dog and cat carrier for your cat.

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Your move will be challenging but not impossible. Plan, prepare for the unexpected, and keep your pet’s well-being in mind. Keep them safe, hydrated and remember to exercise them.

source: Moving Pets Cross Country? Here Are Some Helpful Tips

Safe travels!

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