Silly, Catnaps and Wonder: What We Learn From Our Pets πŸƒ

Pet parents and animal lovers already know how much pets help our well being. As we continue to spend time indoors with our furry friends, we are reminded of other ways that our pets make us better people.

We could all use more help from our furry friends!

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National Arbor Day and Remembering Wangari Maathai πŸ₯³

Note: Today is National Arbor Day, a celebration of the role of trees in our lives and promoting tree planting and care. I’m reposting my 2019 blog about Dr. Wangari Maathai, Founder of the Green Belt Movement.

In 2007, the late Dr. Maathai launched the Billion Tree Campaign. To date, 193 countries planted 15 billion trees. Plant for the Planet honors Dr. Maathai’s achievements by taking the campaign to the next level with the Trillion Tree Campaign. Plant a tree for National Arbor Day!

March is Women’s History Month and March 3 is Wangari Maathai Day. In celebration of women everywhere, here’s my post about one of my heroines, Wangari Maathai.

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Successful Cat Adoption Tips 🐱

Cats make wonderful pets for any family of any size. Boomer families, Millennial families, retired couples, families with young children or teens and single adults are adopting cats.

If you’re thinking about adopting a pet, here are a few tips to guide you in the right direction.

Note: All photos (by @SocialClaude) are our feral rescue cat Oscar... 😎

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COVID-19 Game Changer? πŸ€”

“I think this [Hydroxychloroquine/Z-Pak] is the beginning of the end of the pandemic. I’m very serious.” –Dr. Stephen Smith (Infectious Disease Specialist)

Remember, it is your solemn community responsibility to adhere to Presidents Trump’s COVID-19 guidelines: 30 Days To Slow The Spread (PDF download/view).

I also URGE you to wear a cloth face mask when you go out in public to shop for groceries and other necessities.

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DIY Cloth Face Masks 😷

UPDATE (with link): Important to follow the CDC guidelines:
Use of Cloth Face Coverings to Help Slow the Spread of COVID-19.

Here’s another way you can prevent the spread of COVID-19: The CDC is advising that we wear a cloth face mask when we have to be out in public. A face mask will help protect you, which in turn helps to protect your community.

Please be advised that a face mask only offers varying degrees of protection depending on material used. And very important: The other CDC guidelines (e.g. social distancing) have not changed!

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Pet Bird Adoption Tips 🦜

Nature is amazing and always in control. In the midst of today’s global life change around the Coronavirus outbreak, I remember that there is truly much beauty in the world.

Some of nature’s most beautiful animals are birds. It may not feel like spring time right now. But birds can bring beauty, color and song into your life.

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Pets and Companion Animals: Safety and COVID-19 ⚠️

Spring is here and all around the planet, we are living through troubling times. Each day, we learn more and more about COVID-19. This virus has turned the world upside down.

Sadly, the impact on pets is very distressing: People are abandoning their pets. People are fearful and confused by stories that claim COVID-19 is transmitted from our pets.

PLEASE DON’T BELIEVE THE MYTH THAT PETS ARE CONTAGIONS OF THIS VIRUS! Pets are not the problem. COVID-19 is spread only through human-to-human contact.

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Pet Diseases: How You Can Keep You Pet Healthy 😷

We’re in the middle of the winter and the flu season. Flu is preventable if we avoid contact with sick people, avoid touching our mouth, nose and eyes, and wash our hands with soap and water.

As a pet parent, you can also prevent disease in your family pet. Pet diabetes, dental disease, and obesity are preventable. How can you keep your pet healthy all year?

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Are You Washing Your Hands Properly? πŸ€”

This week, Dr. Pet Mom wrote about pet disease prevention. She prefaced her blog by talking about people washing their hands to prevent spreading the flu.

I thought that I would blog about how one should properly wash their hands. Some of the information may surprise you.

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Food Safety: Peanut Butter For Your Dog πŸ₯œ

Dogs love treats of all kinds. Peanut butter is one of the most popular dog treats. It’s a great treat for hiding pills or an occasional special treat.

How much do you really know about peanut butter for your dog? Do you know the difference between good and bad nuts? Do you know which nut butters are safe for your dog?

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