Dr. Pet Mom Wants Your Pet Pics and Videos! πŸ“· πŸ“Ή

Do you have any pet pics and videos you are itching to share with the universe? If yes, Dr. Pet Mom welcomes you to submit them! 😎

NOTE: If you want to see our community pets click here.

Here’s the skinny on how this works:

  1. Please only submit photos or videos that you own.
  2. Please use DrPetMom-AT-gmail.com to submit your pics and videos. Remember to replace the -AT- with @.
  3. You retain the copyright of any photos or videos you submit.
  4. If you wish to share that your pet is a rescue and/or special needs animal, include that information with your submission.
  5. Please choose your attribution – just let us know what you want. You can be:
    • Anonymous
    • A real name
    • A pseudonym
    • A social media account name
    • Other
  6. Please submit the highest resolution pics and videos that you can. If needed, we can resize or shorten your submission.
  7. You can submit a social media link to a photo. But if you have a higher resolution image to email, that would be preferred.
  8. Any YouTube, Vimeo , etc. links are fine to submit videos, rather than emailing a video file.
  9. You grant Dr. Pet Mom license to share your submissions on various social media including:
    • DrPetMom.com
    • Twitter
    • Facebook
    • Instagram
    • LinkedIn
    • YouTube
  10. We will send you an email if we use your photo or video submission.
  11. We can edit (crop/resize a photo, or shorten a video) your submissions for clarity.
  12. Dr. Pet Mom reserves the right to reject any submissions.

Aloof Lion Cat (photo: @SocialClaude)

We look forward to your submissions! 😎

Be well,

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–Groucho Marx

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