A Dog a Day Keeps the Doctor Away 😷

Sometimes the daily work doldrums can get to you. My routine is to add a bit of sunshine to my day by petting dogs. I try to make a daily visit to places where dogs, pet parents and dog walkers hang out.

I also visit dog parks, public areas, parks, and designated dog areas to increase my chances of petting a dog. Any dog will do: big, medium, small, or pint size.

For example, there’s an animal rescue group in town where I watch dogs playing and socializing with other dogs. Sometimes I talk to the staff and learn which ones are up for adoption.

Shelby the dog (photo: @SocialClaude)

The biggest dog I’ve pet was a Great Dane-Mastiff (Daniff) mix and the smallest ones include a Shih Tzu, Chihuahua, Pomeranian and a Pekingese.

Our Creative Director @SocialClaude came up with the idea to post a few words about my daily dog petting adventures. So I’m starting a new mini-blog called the Daily Dog Diary. I’ll talk about the dogs I meet each day.

Most days I’m lucky to pet a dog, but not always. So if I miss a day, I’ll post some tips for all you pet parents out there.

By the way, I am a cat pet parent. If I could find a place outside where cats hang out, I’d pet more cats. But I’ve seen very few pet parents walking their cats.

Dr. Pet Mom walking Mr. Bean (RIP) the cat… (photo: @SocialClaude)

I have no idea when I became a dog-cat/cat-dog person. My office had an emotional therapy dog – working in social services can be very stressful for clients and for staff who provide services.

I made daily trips to visit the therapy dog on another floor. Her name is Jessie and she’s a Golden Retriever rescue from the Carolinas.

She’s such a good dog. Jessie is patient, loves to be pet, and is a real people dog (not a doggy dog). She prefers the company of people because she can turn on the charm to get treats, a hug or a belly rub whenever she wants.

I guess I got used to petting her, shaking her paw, or giving her noggin and belly rubs.

Jessie is very popular and people from all over the building stop by to visit her. But I’ll share more stories about Jessie on my Dr. Pet Mom blog.

Jessie the therapy dog (photo: Jessie’s dog mom)

Yes, Jessie spoiled me. She shares her joy and makes your day a little bit brighter. I found myself looking at dogs differently since I’ve known Jessie.

I want to pet as many dogs as I can, look into their faces and share in the joy of their company.

So I pet a dog a day. Most people let me pet their dog when I ask a pet parent. But if a dog comes over to me, I’m at the ready to hand out a doggy pet. Just the other night, a group of people had a small doggy. I walked by and the dog walked up to me.

I asked to pet the dog who started to lick my hand, jump on my leg and was happy to have me pet her. Of course, all the time I was smiling and laughing. I shared a few moments of joy with the dog.

Hope you stop by to read more tales from my Daily Dog Diary. Yes, I’m spoiled. But petting dogs makes me smile every time. It’s my most natural reflex. Hands down.

Thanks for reading!
Dr. Pet Mom

β€œHappiness is a warm puppy.”
–Charles M. Schulz

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