Top 10 Reasons Your Cat Is Better Off Than You β˜‘οΈ

I frequently turn to animals and the forest when I get a bout
of depression – they are wonderful therapists! The following Top 10 list was inspired by my cat pals…

Top 10 Reasons Your Cat Is Better Off Than You β˜‘οΈ

Your happy house cat:

  1. Can take frequent blissful naps anywhere – on the window sill, under the bed, in the closet, on your favorite chair, etc.
  2. Can engage in guilt-free meat eating.
  3. Has a built-in purr-box requiring only occasional maintenance in the form of petting/your attention.
  4. Can totally ignore the need to eat veggies, including the dreaded Brussels sprout [has anyone ever spotted an adult Brussel β€” or are they legendary like the Loch Ness Monster?].
  5. Can hunt mice without the fear that some animal rights group will create an ad-campaign of naked Hollywood celebrities promoting beer drinking on college campuses.
  6. Frequently gets a warmer greeting than you do from your human home visitors.
  7. Has erotica that won’t make them go blind, in the form of watching the birdies and squirrels outside through their comfy window perch.
  8. Can take what we consider recyclable garbage [like a paper shopping bag or cardboard shipping box] and will create a mansion to snooze in out of the refuse.
  9. Can enjoy savory, oily, kitty dry food crunchies as opposed to the baked, dry as the bloody Sahara Desert, non-savory, cardboard snacks your physician recommends.
  10. Is thought of as cool by default 😎 – without the need to know the latest handshake or who/what a β€œLady Gaga” is. πŸ˜€

meme using public domain images: @SocialClaude

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β€œTime flies like an arrow. Fruit flies like a banana.”
–Groucho Marx

Julius Henry β€˜Groucho’ Marx {1931}

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