Top 10 Pet Safety Tips for July 4th πŸŽ†

Summertime is a scary time for many pets. The summer season is the start of thunderstorms in June and fireworks in July. Dogs, cats, horses, cows and other farm animals are often terrified by loud noises, flashing lights, and vibrations in the ground.

Fireworks have all the qualities that cause fear and anxiety in many animals.

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Top 10 Principles: Inner Workings of Our Spiritual Path πŸ¦‰

My usual admonition: I did not write this because it is true, per se. I hope to inspire others to think about spirituality and come to their own conclusions

Ask yourself this question: In this life, is my spiritual path preordained? Answer: Yes and no:

Life (a component of your spiritual path) is like a Broadway musical. Life has a plot and script where the actors inevitably flub their lines or lyrics. But the show must go on and in the end, the audience is none the wiser about mistakes.

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Top 10 Truth Discernment Tips πŸ¦‰

A while ago a new study came out and it was immediately embraced without nary a question as truth by those with an axe to grind and/or financial/political incentive to do so.

My own inherent bias against the study made it doubly hard for me to find the truth. But embracing my bias was a good start. Below are some tips I used in my thought process. Hope they help you, too! πŸ˜€

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