Top 10 Pet Safety Tips for July 4th πŸŽ†

Summertime is a scary time for many pets. The summer season is the start of thunderstorms in June and fireworks in July. Dogs, cats, horses, cows and other farm animals are often terrified by loud noises, flashing lights, and vibrations in the ground.

Fireworks have all the qualities that cause fear and anxiety in many animals.

Around the July 4th holiday, many animal rescue groups report a sharp rise in lost pets all around the country.

Here are the top 10 ways to keep your pets safe this summer:

1. Make sure your pet has proper identification. Your pet should wear a collar and for added protection, be microchipped. Take a current photo of your pet.

Fear from firework can make indoor pets try to escape. It’s their natural instinct to run away from noise.

2. The best solution to keep pets calm: Leave them at home. Your pets won’t miss the crowds, confusion, flashing lights, thunderous booms, and the smell of fireworks.

πŸ’‘ A kind and loving pet parent will keep their pets at home.

3. Try to keep your pet in one bedroom with the radio or TV as background noise. This kind of white noise can mask the outside sounds.

4. If you stay at home for the July 4th holiday, keep your pet comfortable. Use your soothing voice and share petting time to keep your pet calm. Your companionship will help your pet feel safe.

5. If you can, try to keep pets as far away from the fireworks as possible. Or bring your pet to a familiar friend’s house far away from the noise.

The goal is to create a safe and comfortable setting for your pet. Do what you can to lower their stress and keep them calm.

6. Keep your farm animals, horses and livestock safely fenced in. The farther away from noise and fireworks, the better.

7. For cookouts, keep pets away from barbecue grills, charcoal and skewers. Ask you guests to keep an eye with signs “Let’s All Be Safe! No Pet Escapes!”

8. Tell your guest not to feed pets any table scraps at the cookout. Many foods are toxic to animals.

9. After the cookout, pick up the yard. Remove fireworks debris, sharp items and other hazards a curious pet might find.

10. Keep a shady spot in the yard for food and plenty of water for your pets. Be sure your pet is comfortable and well hydrated in hot weather.

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Be safe! 😎
Dr. Pet Mom

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