A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words Indeed! 😁

With all the way serious things going on I thought something light would be a welcome break. Back in 2010 Dr. Pet Mom and I were in Boston and I snapped the following photos…

It was a beautiful day, perfect weather in the 60β€²s… Here’s the historic Massachusetts State House:

Here’s another view of the State House:

Across the street from the State House is the famous bronze β€œRobt. Gould Shaw Memorial” by Augustus St. Gaudens:

One of the famous Boston β€œduck boats”:

The statue of American Civil War Union Army General Joseph Hooker:

Side view of the statue:

The General Hooker entrance to the State House:

πŸ’‘ My beloved spouse, Dr. Pet Mom, by one of the smaller entrance signs:

It’s a good thing that Dr. Bessie and I share values on what is funny! πŸ˜€

I thought you could use the laugh. 😎


β€œTime flies like an arrow. Fruit flies like a banana.”
–Groucho Marx

Julius Henry β€˜Groucho’ Marx {1931}

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