May 6-11: Celebrating Be Kind To Animals Week ๐Ÿฅณ

Did you know that Be Kind To Animals Week is the longest-running commemorative week in U.S. history? And it’s the most successful humane education campaign ever! Be Kind To Animals Week is a 104-year-old celebration this year!

That’s very exciting news for animals everywhere! Many people practice kindness to their animal friends every day. This is a special week to put the spotlight on the value of compassion and kindness towards them.

If you’re looking for ways to celebrate, hereโ€™s a list of ideas:

  • Spread kindness every day to help animals. Make a donation to your local rescue group. Your gift helps American Humane rescue animals in hurricanes, floods and saves dogs from horrendous puppy mills. K-9 heroes also receive lifelong healthcare after they retire.
  • Volunteer at your local shelter or rescue group. You can help to fund raise, take dogs out for a walk, or take time to read stories to the animals. Visit the Find A Shelter for rescue groups and shelters in your area.

  • Adopt a pet. You can find a variety of cats and dogs for adoption around the country. Each of the 6 million abandoned animals is looking for their forever home. If youโ€™re thinking about adopting a pet, visit the database for dogs and cats in your community.
  • Create a personal Team ASPCA Help Animals In Need fundraising page. Promote an important event in your life – a graduation, birthday, remembering a special pet. Share your page with family and friends and help raise money for animals in need.

  • Use your social media and share the #BeKindToAnimalsWeek hashtag. Also watch movies with “No Animals Were Harmedยฎ” end credit to recognize the 100,000 animal actors who entertain and educate us in film and television each year.
  • Visit Humane Certifiedโ„ข zoos, aquariums, and conservation centers caring for the many endangered and disappearing species of the world.

Animals make our lives whole. Let’s make Be Kind To Animals Week special for all our animal and pet friends.

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“Animals share with us the privilege of having a soul.”

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