Announcing A New Social Enterprise Venture: Dr. Pet Mom Pet Parents Community πŸ₯³

Contact: Dr. Bessie DiDomenica (Dr. Pet Mom)
Phone: (339) 225-9284

Announcing A New Social Enterprise Venture: Dr. Pet Mom Pet Parents Community

Dr. Pet Mom Official Launch in May

Boston, MA, May 10, 2019 β€” Dr. Pet Mom ( is a new social enterprise for today’s growing pet parent community. The goal is to encourage pet adoption for all rescue and shelter animals. The unofficial launch in March was a brief introduction to a new online community for pet parents.

Dr. Pet Mom’s official launch now includes a strong social media presence. You can follow Dr. Pet Mom on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instragram and watch Youtube videos.

Dr. Bessie DiDomenica, Curator of Dr. Pet Mom’s Pet Parent Community said, β€œI’m excited about the official launch of Dr. Pet Mom! The pet parent community is a key resource to find homes for abandoned animals.”

The Dr. Pet Mom website will include blogs on pet heroes, pet parenting tips, healthy recipes for pets, interviews, and a plethora of resources for the pet parent community.

While Dr. DiDomenica is not a veterinarian, she is a doctor. She explained, β€œI’m a PhD in public policy with expertise in food systems, urban agriculture and food policy. Animal protection is an important public policy concern. It’s not a stretch for me to serve as the curator of rescue animals.”

For now, Dr. Pet Mom is a small team of Dr. DiDomenica as Head Curator of the pet parent community and her spouse, Claude in his role as Director of Imagination and Technology.

He added β€œI’m thrilled to be part of a new social enterprise that will help encourage adoption of pets, especially older and special needs animals. They all deserve forever homes.”

Dr. DiDomenica echoed her partner’s sentiment, β€œThe pet parent community is a special place for animal lovers. I’m delighted to help rescue and shelter animals find lasting homes.”

As a social enterprise, Dr. Pet Mom is creating a niche to adopt older and special needs pets. These special pets make a perfect fit for adults, young and old, families, retired adults, and veterans.

Pets can also serve as working and therapy animals, special needs pets for special needs children, and companion animals.


About Dr. Pet Mom Pet Parents Community

Dr. Pet Mom is a community for all pet parents and pet lovers. We share our stories about pet joy, animal heroes, pet adoptions, pet parent families, pet celebration days, and more! We’ll highlight the joy and happiness that pets bring to our lives.

The long-term plan is to establish a non-profit called Dr. Pet Mom’s Home, a retirement residence for older and special needs pets.

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