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I’m proud to announce that Dr. Pet Mom will be reviewing pet related products, media and books. I hope you enjoy our first product review… 😎

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Bird Pouncer – cat fishing pole toy

Product description:

A bird that’s just waiting for your cat to pounce and hunt it…

This pouncer toy features a bird design made from blue and white polka dot cotton and sparkling white organdy.

The fishing pole style toy with elastic string allows you to dangle and swing the bird as your cat bats it and jumps to catch it.


The elastic string is a plus for this toy. Our cat Oscar can swat, chase or grab the bird at the end of the string. Good exercise when he catches the bird and tracks its bouncing movement as he plans his next move.

Carrot Kicker – catnip cat toy

Product description:

A freshly picked carrot just waiting for a kitty to tackle and play with it…

This kicker features a carrot made from orange and white polka dot cotton and leaves made from green felt.

The carrot is stuffed with polyfil and organic catnip.

The leaves are flat to provide your cat with plenty of areas to bite and kick.


Good size for Oscar to hold comfortably with his front and back legs. Also big enough to be a pillow and cuddle toy when he falls asleep.

Jellyfish Chaser – catnip cat toy

Product description:

A cute little jellyfish just floating around and waiting for your cat to toss it into the air…

This catnip toy features a jellyfish design made from sturdy polka dot cotton.

Pink or purple? You get to choose!

The body is stuffed with polyfil and organic catnip.

The tentacles are made from sturdy white cord to make it easy for your cat to carry, claw, and swat the toy.


Oscar gave this toy his Four Paws Up rating for size and playability. He loved to track the jellyfish as we tossed it in the air.

Gone Fishing Play Mat – cat toy with catnip-filled fish inside

Product description:

A shimmering sea of fish that your cat can catch over and over again.

This play mat is made for wrestling and batting, enticing your cat with the organic catnip-filled fish it contains. It’s also great for naps after kitty is worn out from fishing.

The play mat is made from sturdy sparkling blue organdy and measures approximately 28 inches by 16 inches.

Three of our popular fish catnip chaser toys swim inside the layers of the mat. Enclosed in the mat, they can be hunted but never get lost.

The fish chasers are stuffed with polyfil and organic catnip.


Oscar enjoyed catnapping on this play mat. He played with the toys inside but seemed to mostly just like sitting on the mat. Now it’s his new favorite place to sleep!

Dr. Pet Mom’s Official Product Tester: Oscar the King of Sheeba

Meme by @SocialClaude

Oscar very much enjoyed all Boo Boy Cat Toys and gives them his coveted Four Paws Up rating. 😎

I hope you enjoyed these product reviews…

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Charles John Huffam Dickens (1812-1870)

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