How To Stop Excessive Barking 🐢 πŸ“£

Here’s some help for dog moms and dads who have a doggy that barks too much…

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  • Dogs bark to let you know they want something.
  • Barking at other dogs is an invite to play.
  • Train your dog to play only when he stops barking.
  • Dogs bark as an alarm. Make him stop barking when all is well.
  • Dogs bark when they miss you. Ease his anxiety leave clothing with your scent.
  • Stick to a routine to help your dog stop barking.
  • Train the β€œhush” command by distracting him with a loud noise.
  • Tell him to β€œhush.” Reward him when he stops barking.
  • Never shout to stop the barking. He’ll be confused and think you are barking too.


source: Effective Ways to Curtail Your Dog’s Excessive Barking

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