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I’m no formally trained expert on digital imaging. But as a social media generalist I have learned some useful tips to improve your digital photography and videography skills.

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  1. Overall tip: Production values are key! If something feels ‘good enough’ that really means you could have done better. Maximize your quality with sound production values!
  2. Avoid taking photos or videos (indoors and outdoors) with the sun or very bright light behind your subject. Details and the subject will get washed out in too much light.
  3. If possible when taking pics, snap 6-12 photos every time you want to capture a moment. Invariably only 1-2 will come out OK. Take enough photos to capture the best moments.
  4. Today, most photos are shared on small devices, so you need to zoom in on your subject. If you forgot, you can always zoom in via photo editing software. But it’s preferable for the original photo to be closeup.
  5. When zooming in, don’t be overzealous. You don’t want to chop off the top of the noggin of your subject. Zoom in, but also balance your photo.
  6. When possible, use a tripod for nice steady videos. Digital image stabilization is good, but it’s no substitute for a tripod.
  7. If you’ve spent big bucks on a camera to take videos, don’t skimp on the audio: get yourself a nice external microphone.
  8. For important photos, take more pics than you think you need. If a photo is very important, like a head shot for your LinkedIn profile, it may take one or more sessions to get the pic just right.
  9. Don’t be afraid to ask more seasoned photographers and videographers for help. Remember that there’s a wealth of information out there just for the asking.
  10. Content is king. Sometimes all you have is a not-so-great photo or video that captures a special event. Even with everything I’ve said, don’t sweat it. 😎

Mr. Bean (RIP) (photo: @SocialClaude)

Dr. Pet Mom (Dr. Bessie DiDomenica) (videographer: @SocialClaude)

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Benjamin Franklin (1706-1790)

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