How Cats Tell You They Love You 😻

Let’s face it, most cats aren’t very talkative except for the occasional meow. Cats also don’t wear their feelings on their faces. Just because cats don’t say very much with their voices or faces doesn’t mean they aren’t communicating their feelings to their cat moms and dads.

Below are ten ways that your cat is telling you that they love you…

  1. Your cat sits on your lap, shoulder or feet.
  2. Walking towards you with a straight tail is a greeting from your cat.
  3. Cat love bites are signs of affection.
  4. Kneading helps to reduce stress, is soothing and is a sign of a sleepy cat.
  5. When your cat sleeps on you, she feels safe and secure.
  6. Slow blinking reflects trust and love.
  7. A head-butt is your cat scenting you and claiming you as her favorite human.
  8. She rolls over to expose her belly.
  9. A bunny kick or rabbit kick from your cat is his form of playing.
  10. A cat’s purr is the ultimate sign of a happy cat, lowers their heart rate, your blood pressure and relieves stress.

If you are a cat mom or dad, I hope that you learned something more about that purring fur ball in your life. 🐱

Source: One of the Worst Pet Misreads That Robs You of Affection

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