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We know that our pets love us โ€“ they show us all the time with a wagging tail, a loving purr, or a paw on the knee when weโ€™re feeling sad. But sometimes our pets reach their limit: They just get tired of humans.

Cats and dogs have their own personal boundaries. When we step across the line, they let us know.

Letโ€™s see what cats donโ€™t like about humans:

Kitty Pet Peeve No. 1: Loud Noises

Many animals donโ€™t like loud noises from fireworks, thunderstorms, loud TV commercials or family arguments. Cats are very aware of activities in the home. Sudden and loud noises are stressful.

Avoid picking up your kitty when she’s stressed. Itโ€™s not a good idea โ€“ a scared and confused cat may scratch or bite you.

Instead, try to keep your cat away from noises by creating a quiet space for comfort. A box, a safe hiding place or a room with white noise (low volume TV) can help reduce stress.

When you stay calm, your cat will respond in kind.

Kitty Pet Peeve No. 2: Dirty Litter Box

Cats are clean creatures. Itโ€™s been said that cats despise any changes in routine. If you donโ€™t change the litter box regularly or if you change the type of litter box they are use to, expect surprises around your house.

Your cat might pee on the walls, floors, doors, anywhere but the litter box. I know one person whose cat pees in the litter box, but โ€œdoes his businessโ€ all over the house. Daily clean up must be a nightmare.

Keep your kitty happy with a clean litter box.

Kitty Pet Peeve No. 3: Being Stepped On

Cats have a very sensitive tail and it hurts if we step on it. My cat easily blends into the background.

I have to step lightly to be sure I donโ€™t nudge him, bump into him, or step on his tail.

Kitty Pet Peeve No. 4: Too Much Or Too Little Attention

Many cats donโ€™t like to be picked up and too much petting annoys them. So how do you keep a cat happy?

Wait for your kitty to come to you. When she wants attention, she will let you know. The next time your cat greets you at the door, give her a quick pet and say hello.

When she wants alone time, your cat will find her favorite hiding place.

Kitty Pet Peeve No. 5: Taking Medicine

Sooner or later, cat pet parents will have to give their cat some type of medicine. As kitties age, they may need daily or weekly medications. Remember that cats hate taking medicine in any form.

Pills are very difficult because cats can spit them out, or foam at the mouth because of the bad taste. Cats donโ€™t completely swallow tablets and capsules, causing irritation and esophagitis.

You can try to hide pills in treats like a Pill Masker, a soft and pliable paste that you can wrap around a pill. It smells like bacon and kitties enjoy the treat.

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Letโ€™s talk about pet peeves that dog pet parents should know about:

Doggy Pet Peeve No. 1: Youโ€™re Walking Too Fast

When you and your dog are out walking, itโ€™s a time for adventure and fun. Your dog needs time to smell the roses, greet other dogs, and enjoy the experience.

If you walk too fast for your dog to have fun, she will be annoyed with you. Try to be present in the moment with her. Let her control the pace.

I often see pet parents and dog walkers walking too fast, especially with small doggies.

Stop and think about how your dog is experiencing the walk โ€“ imagine the world from her eyes.

Let your dog enjoy your company and have fun exercising on your daily walks.

Doggy Pet Peeve No. 2: Talking Out of Context

Your dog likes to hear your voice. But even a kind voice is hard to understand when you talk to your dog out of context.

When talking to your dog, add in a gesture or pet him so that he understands your words. If your dog responds to a command, give him a noggin pet or rub his ears.

Itโ€™s not that our pets are not listening โ€“ itโ€™s how we talk to them that matters.

Add some action to your words. Your dog will be much happier and less confused.

Doggy Pet Peeve No. 3: You Are Not Paying Attention

Life makes us busy and sometimes we forget to focus on quality time with our dogs. Bad habits can appear when your dog get bored, lonely and feels like you are ignoring her needs.

When she picks up a toy, grabs the leash or nudges your for some attention, be there in the moment.

Step away from your project or give her some of your time.

Doggy Pet Peeve No. 4: Too Much Teasing

There are different forms of teasing: playful and hurtful. Playful teasing is teasing with someone close to you. Hurtful teasing is when you tease your dog with a toy or treat and then not let her grab it.

People donโ€™t really like teasing and dogs are no different. Your dog has to win sometimes or he wonโ€™t feel like playing anymore. She might become aggressive and play might feel like punishment.

Be playful and limit teasing your dog.

Doggy Pet Peeve No. 5: Forced Friendships

Just like people, dogs like some dogs and not others. If your dog wants to be with other dogs, fine. If she doesnโ€™t want to, donโ€™t force a friendship.

Watch for signs of boredom or aggression and donโ€™t force your doggy to play or socialize with other dogs. She will find her own friends (dogs and humans) when sheโ€™s ready.

Doggies do things on their own time.

Doggy Pet Peeve No. 6: Hugging A Dog

Hands up if youโ€™re guilty of this one! I tend to hug dogs I know – itโ€™s a habit of overjoy. Yes, Iโ€™ve been growled at by my favorite doggy pals. But I foolishly thought they were just in a bad mood. Not.

A study showed that 82% of dogs being hugged were stressful.

Hugs make people feel better. Many dogs tolerate hugs but they donโ€™t necessarily like them.

OK, I’m making a promise to be more alert to dog hugging. Iโ€™ll remember that each dog is different, and will respect the dogโ€™s wishes.

Avoid upsetting any dog with an unwanted hug. Petting the chest and scratching the ear are better choices.

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Thanks for being a great pet parent! ๐Ÿ˜Ž
Dr. Pet Mom

โ€œDogs have owners, cats have staff.โ€

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