LEGO My National Monuments! 😳

In 2014 I took a whole bunch of photos of this cool event at a local shopping mall (Natick Mall, Natick MA). Please enjoy the pics β€” I think we can all use a nice diversion from time to time.

The LEGO Americana Roadshow was mainly United States monuments and historic buildings β€” all made out of LEGO building blocks. At a distance they look quite real. Impressive!

There were also LEGO sundries which I also took some snapshots of. Please share if you like this blog.

The LEGO Americana Roadshow sign

The LEGO Americana Roadshow table sign

Natick Mall (Natick, MA) corridor

Tea Pots in storefront at Natick Mall

Washington Monument

Lincoln Memorial

Statue of Liberty

Statue of Liberty (closer in)

White House

White House (closer in)

United States Supreme Court Building

United States Capitol

United States Capitol (alternate view)

Old North Church (Boston, MA)

Independence Hall (Philadelphia, PA)

Independence Hall (alternate view)

Jefferson Memorial

Jefferson Memorial (closer in)

Mount Rushmore National Memorial (Keystone, SD)

LEGO sundries area (view from above)

LEGO sundries area (ground view)

LEGO sundries area (closer in)

City buildings 1

City buildings 2

City buildings 2 (alternate view)

Medivac helicopter and patient

Tightrope walker

Superman using the Bat Signal

Batman climbing

Zoo and zookeeper

Contributions from children

Chicken (closer in)

Alien in UFO (?)

I hope you enjoyed this diversion. 😎

Be well,

β€œTell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn.”
–Benjamin Franklin

Benjamin Franklin (1706-1790)

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