Top 10 Truth Discernment Tips πŸ¦‰

A while ago a new study came out and it was immediately embraced without nary a question as truth by those with an axe to grind and/or financial/political incentive to do so.

My own inherent bias against the study made it doubly hard for me to find the truth. But embracing my bias was a good start. Below are some tips I used in my thought process. Hope they help you, too! πŸ˜€

Top 10 Truth Discernment Tips

As a truth seeker you should:

  1. Recognize that your known preconceived bias needs to be embraced, not ignored. Fear of discovering that your bias might be wrong is never a good place to start the journey towards truth.
  2. Remain open to changing your bias. Your openness can make you a better person, decision maker and citizen.
  3. Remember that some of your bias may be subconscious and hard-wired. Bias may be difficult and even painful (yet not impossible) to ferret out of the thought process.
  4. Explore the discernment process. You may be upset to discover that your bias is no longer true. Learn to get over the mental anguish and embrace the learning process.
  5. Broaden your sources of information. The government/corporate media complex should never be your only source of knowledge: use alternative media such as blogs and independent websites.
  6. Know that controversial subjects and/or issues with financial/political ramifications are tainted with exaggeration. They contain more misstatements than their noncontroversial counterparts.
  7. Understand that all sources of information have an amalgam of truth, partial-truth, misinformation and disinformation.
  8. Question new studies presented in the media. Ask yourself what is the politically and/or financially gain by the results and conclusions of a study.
  9. Dig deep to find out who or what group(s) fund a study. Funding creates an inherent bias when the results favor the funding source and not reality.
  10. Look beyond the names of groups pushing an agenda. Frequently groups will pick names for themselves that are the opposite of their actual intent or mask their true motivation.

For example, I once watched a foolish or disingenuous talking head interview someone representing a group against online gambling. A quick look at the group’s website revealed their funding source: the casino industry.

Funny how the talking head did not bother to divulge this wee little tidbit.

After practicing truth discernment over many years, I just knew the casino industry was behind this group prior to verifying. I asked myself β€œWho would have an axe to grind?” And behold, there they were.

The media and our so-called leaders bank on a mentally lazy populous who accept whatever is dished out like pablum. Don’t be a mental infant!

When you evaluate decisions about what to believe or who to vote for, truth discernment sure comes in handy! 😎

Be well,

“We had gay burglars the other night. They broke in and rearranged the furniture.”
–Robin Williams

Robin Williams and Lt. Matthew Duffy USN (2003)
U.S Navy photo by Photographer’s Mate Airman Milosz Reterski

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