Freaky Fridays: Prayer, Wi-Fi, Placebos, Quantum Entanglement and Human Evolution πŸ€“

I’m probably going out on a limb here, but I am no stranger to walking a high wire without a safety net. I have more questions than answers. But I hope to inspire others to think about these topics and come to their own conclusions…

In 2014 I wrote how prayer might help suffering loved ones. I also speculated that prayer could also be used to help end the dishonest leadership in our society.

Indeed, if prayer can foster beneficial outcomes (and I believe this is true), somehow there is a mechanism at work. Is the mechanism hard-wired into the universe and/or are there spiritual entities involved? The question is debatable.

Whatever the method involved, the exchange of good will clearly happens “wireless” between the person doing the prayer and the recipient.

A while back, I was standing in my kitchen this notion dawned on me:

πŸ’‘ Prayer is the Wi-Fi (or wireless) equivalent of the placebo effect…

In other words, the placebo effect (or belief) at a distance (“wireless”) can effect outcomes.

For background, some thoughts on the placebo effect:

  • I define the placebo effect as the belief in a cure causing healing of oneself, even when, for example, sugar pills are given to treat depression (such as in a clinical trial).
  • Is the belief in the cure entirely internal? Or is it also impacted by the thought energy from the person who provides the placebo?

Cebocap prescription placebos used in research and practice

This archived May 13, 2010 NPR Talk of the Nation broadcast on placebos may interest you:

The Mysterious Healing Power Of Placebos

Placebos, or sugar pills, are one of the building blocks of good science. For decades they’ve played a major role in medical experiments and drug trials. In some cases, placebos work as well as or even better than the real treatments β€” for things like pain, nausea, depression and Parkinson’s.

If we are willing to learn to better understand our thoughts and how they can actually alter reality, I feel something amazingly powerful is at play here.

If people can learn to control and consistently use their thoughts to heal themselves and others (or for other positive outcomes), the process may be the next big leap in human evolution.

I have intuitively known for many years that much of medical practice is primitive and even barbaric. Could healing via thought become the future state of the art in medicine for many ailments?

Perhaps the Creator, universe or laws of physics (see Quantum Entanglement) allow our thoughts to do what may seem miraculous to us now? I believe this is true, and could end the stranglehold the corrupt government/corporate and media DoppelgΓ€nger has on society.

Einstein called quantum entanglement β€œSpooky action at a distance.” meme: @SocialClaude

If enough people believe and put sincere energy into thinking the DoppelgΓ€nger into oblivion, it can indeed happen.

If you want to know the potential secret in all of this:

πŸ’‘ Reality believed itself into existence, therefor belief can alter reality…

I hope you enjoyed my musing over this topic. As my childhood hero Spock used to say, β€œFascinating!” πŸ˜€

Be well,

β€œStudy hard what interests you the most in the most undisciplined, irreverent and original manner possible.”
–Richard P. Feynman

Richard P. Feynman (1918-1988)

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