Pet Bird Adoption Tips 🦜

Nature is amazing and always in control. In the midst of today’s global life change around the Coronavirus outbreak, I remember that there is truly much beauty in the world.

Some of nature’s most beautiful animals are birds. It may not feel like spring time right now. But birds can bring beauty, color and song into your life.

Jerry the Black Capped Conure (RIP) (photo: @SocialClaude)

Pet Bird Adoption Tips:

  • Houseclean your home before you adopt a bird. Talk to pet bird parents to learn more about keeping your home safe and clean.
  • Remove all scented candles and air fresheners. Birds are extremely sensitive to chemicals.
  • Remove nonstick and Teflon cookware from your kitchen. Teflon is toxic to birds.
  • Stop smoking. Secondary exposure to cigarette smoke is hazardous to your family and your pets.
  • Buy a good vacuum to remove feathers, dust and bird seed. Birds are messy eaters and scatter seeds far and wide.
  • Plants are lovely but know which plants are toxic to birds. Lilies, philodendrons, and shamrocks are some examples.
  • For your safety, remove shiny things. Birds love to pick at objects like earrings, sequins, and buttons.
  • Remember that birds are noisy. They coo, cackle, chirp, screech, whistle and sing.
  • Birds are flock animals. Some species are ‘one-person birds‘ if only one family member cares for them.

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“Birds are the best pets around.”

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