Good News: Dog Sitting is an Essential Service! πŸ₯³

As we slowly emerge from shut down mode, people continue to help heroes everywhere. Early on, dog sitting and doggy daycare services were considered nonessential.

But the shut down ignored one very critical pet parent community: Healthcare workers. Hospital support staff, nurses and doctors can’t work from home. And their pets still need care, feeding, exercise and TLC.

Fortunately, communities across the country now understand that dog sitting and doggy daycare services are an essential. They serve the well being of healthcare workers and their furry family members.


For example, Camp Bow Wow Durham offers dog care services (training, boarding, grooming).

Like many business, Camp Bow Wow was temporarily closed during the COVID-19 pandemic. But the company petitioned the city of Durham, North Carolina to reconsider their non-essential classification.

Someone had to care for pet of healthcare workers on duty day after day. Camp Bow Wow won their case and is reclassified as an essential service!

Local and state governments have issued guidance on the essential doggy daycare and dog sitting industry. Guidance includes:

  • Daily sanitizing of all toys, dishes, and other items the dogs touch or use each day.
  • Daily sanitizing of all surfaces that customers may have touched.
  • Customers using curbside drop off service to lower direct human contact.
  • Worker hygiene such as frequent hand washing, using hand sanitizers and a planned cleaning routine during the day.

For more information, the American Kennel Club has a listing on the status of pet care services by state.

Source: Dog Sitting Service Deemed Essential To Serve Healthcare Workers

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