Top 10 Principles: Inner Workings of Our Spiritual Path πŸ¦‰

My usual admonition: I did not write this because it is true, per se. I hope to inspire others to think about spirituality and come to their own conclusions

Ask yourself this question: In this life, is my spiritual path preordained? Answer: Yes and no:

Life (a component of your spiritual path) is like a Broadway musical. Life has a plot and script where the actors inevitably flub their lines or lyrics. But the show must go on and in the end, the audience is none the wiser about mistakes.

In essence, life is “organized chaos.” We are born onto this Earth to experience certain things and have some freedom about how they manifest.

photo: Andreas Praefcke

Bottom line: You are here on this Earth to experience and do certain things. And even if you stray off your path (free will), tributaries are in place to ultimately bring you to the same destination (agreed upon/preordained path). We also get help (from spirit guides, ancestors or angels) to find our spiritual path and to stay relatively on course.

This is my current best intuitive and logical assessment:

Top 10 Principles: Inner Workings of Our Spiritual Path

  1. There is an eternal pre/post physical life (“death”). A clue to how we live for eternity is found in “…energy can be neither created nor destroyed” from the Law of conservation of energy. We just are, have been and always will be.
  2. There are many physical lives (reincarnation).
  3. During the pre/post period in between lives, you and your spiritual mentors agree upon what you will experience in the next life.
  4. Most memory of this agreement is wiped away at birth, albeit we sometimes get glimpses. A mystic is one who retains these types of memories.
  5. Think of life as a chance to learn or experience something. Experience includes learning what it feels like to help a person or a pet animal in need.
  6. Our spiritual lessons also include the consequences of harming others [I have yet to get my physical mind around the prospect, but spiritually, I know it’s true.]
  7. When we harm one another we may also experience what it feels like to be harmed in a similar manner, in the same or future physical life (Karma).
  8. When you are born you gravitate towards your path, with occasional outside nudging from your spiritual mentors.
  9. If you stray too far off your path the nudging gets stronger, including and up to, near-death experiences.
  10. Many times our spiritual mentors work via surrogates who may be unaware that they were guided to help you. We may also be guided to help other people and the interactions can create benefits both ways.

If there are actual rules/laws governing how this all works, they are yet to be defined by science. How could such a seemingly infinite and complex system of quasi-preordained outcomes involving gazillions of beings throughout the cosmos be possible?

I think we are dealing with what many people consider the divine β€” or perhaps a super-sophisticated quantum computer simulation that makes the National Security Agency’s computer system look like an abacus. Whatever it is, try to enjoy this grand musical! πŸ˜€

photo: Sys76

πŸ’‘ Atheists should be open to my theory. The system I describe does not necessarily require a “god” [at least in the traditional sense] for it to be.

But if we honestly and openly observe the subtleties and interactions around us, they do indeed point to something just out of reach. Something working behind the curtain of life’s stage. And the laws of physics do not preclude the possibility of a pre/post life β€” this could be akin to multidimensionality.

I hope your brain does not hurt too much and you enjoyed this column! 😎

Be well,

β€œAny sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.”
–Arthur C. Clarke

Arthur C. Clarke in his home office in Sri Lanka {March 28, 2005} – photo: Amy Marash

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