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In a few weeks, it will be time to change the clocks again. Changing the time reminds me that the holiday season is right around the corner! It’s only October. But if you love shopping, you can find Black Friday and shop-early-for-Christmas sales in the stores this month.

I’m also thinking of other ways to make the holidays meaningful for my animal friends and pet parent community.

First of all, I want to thank you all for following me on social media. I stay true to my promise to publish a weekly blog. Your “Likes”, retweets and shares of Dr. Pet Mom blogs makes a big difference.

Next, volunteering is a great way to help animals every where. If you’re thinking about other ways you can help rescue animals, here’s a list of ideas. Maybe you can squeeze in some volunteer activities during the holiday season!

Be A Virtual Volunteer: Many people are active on social media. Be a virtual volunteer and share stories about lost pets. Social media has helped thousands of pets return home.

Anything you can do to help homeless pets and animal shelters is a sign of your good will. Or you can call your local animal control to report a stray dog or cat. Another virtual volunteer activity is processing adoption applications. Rescue groups need help during peak kitten and puppy season throughout the year.

source: newarknj.gov/news/city-of-newark-drops-associated-humane-society-to-partner-with-st-huberts-for-animal-services

Many rescue and shelter groups need help with paperwork and administrative processing. Use your computer to volunteer online and still help homeless animals.

I’m sort of a virtual volunteer when I make small kennel quilts for rescue animals. I send the quilts to groups that rescue animals from hurricanes, floods, wild fires, hoarding or other natural disasters.

Be A Foster Pet Parent: Pet fostering is a great way to bring animals into your home for a short time. Your temporary living space will help shelters free up room for other homeless animals.

Fostered pets may have special needs including recovery from surgery, illness, or some extra socialization. Remember, animals living in shelters will need to adjust to life in a home.

Pet foster care can give them a new awareness of life outside the shelter and prepare them for a potential adoptive family.

You can also give a dog mom or cat mom a quiet space for puppies or kittens who are not ready for adoption. Pet foster parents save many lives and give animals a chance to find their forever homes.

Create Local Partnerships: You can enlist the help of local businesses to help a shelter or rescue group in your community. Dog walking services, pet grooming, pet boarding or pet-friendly restaurants might be willing to volunteer their services. And local chain stores can donate food or supplies.

Businesses can donate a percentage of their profits to help animals. You can take the first step to help busy shelter workers find resources they desperately need for homeless animals.

Meet Homeless Pets: The best way to learn about pets is to work with them. You learn the proper way to walk a dog, clean up afterwards and the correct way to pick up a cat or dog.

Volunteering in a shelter can give you time to meet a variety of dogs and check out their personalities. You’ll quickly learn that puppies are very different from older dogs. Then you can really decide if you want to adopt a shelter cat or dog.

Be A Shelter Volunteer: If you don’t have cash or in-kind services, think about donating your time to a rescue or shelter group. They need volunteers on site to watch the pets, clean their kennels, walk the dogs and help out with other chores.

The shelter I volunteer for has only three full-time paid staff. Most of the work is done by volunteers, a group of over 200 people. Managing puppies is a handful for sure. But it’s the best feeling to see those puppies adopted out to their forever homes!

Chillax From Work: One of the highlights of the summer season are events like Wag Wednesdays. Once a week, an animal rescue group shows off their dogs available for adoption.

Even if you think puppies are too high energy for you, it doesn’t matter. Drag yourself out of the office and away from your computer. Spend your lunch hour chillaxing and petting some lovely animals. You will walk away with a smile on your face. Guaranteed!

Because of the Wag Wednesdays event, I met some wonderful volunteers. And now I’m a volunteer mopping floors, cleaning puppy poop and socializing groups of puppies!

Meet Some Great People: Volunteers can become fast friends when bonding over a common goal. Chat with people who share your interest in cats and dogs. Volunteering is great for your resume, too. You might even get a full time job from volunteering.

OKC Animal Welfare Volunteers, Oklahoma City, OK (source: okc.gov/departments/animal-welfare/get-involved/volunteer)

This holiday season, spread good cheer and volunteer! πŸ˜€

sources: 10 Reasons Why You Should Volunteer at Your Local Animal Shelter 12 Ways to Help Homeless Pets and Shelters

Thanks for reading! 😎
Dr. Pet Mom

“It is inexcusable for scientists to torture animals; let them make their experiments on journalists and politicians.”
–Henrik Ibsen

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