Silly, Catnaps and Wonder: What We Learn From Our Pets πŸƒ

Pet parents and animal lovers already know how much pets help our well being. As we continue to spend time indoors with our furry friends, we are reminded of other ways that our pets make us better people.

We could all use more help from our furry friends!

  • Live each moment. Our pets take this to heart. They focus on what they’re doing. Living in the moment is a sure way to keep your mind and spirit in balance. Move away from living in the past.
  • Do your job. Doggies pay attention to their task. Focus and attention can improve our memory more than tweeting, facebooking and juggling tasks.
  • Help our hearts. We already know that dogs help us exercise and improve our survival rate after a heart attack. Stroke patients use horseback riding therapy to regain strength and balance.

My cat Oscar as Brella Boy… (photo: @SocialClaude)

  • Calm our fears. Cats calm us more than other animals do. Calming may be related to the personality of the cat parent – cats focus on your interest, and divert us from our stress and worries.
  • Boost our immunity. Children growing up with pets have fewer allergies and stronger immune systems. Children are healthier as they grow older.
  • Teach us forgiveness. Our pets give us their unconditional love. Forgiveness also means letting go of grudges, chronic anger and low self-esteem. We can breathe easier, sleep better and lower blood pressure when we let it go.

  • Nurture our well-being. Pets make us feel good – it’s in their nature to make our hearts smile. Gratitude improves our overall well-being, another source of living longer and enjoying a quality life.
  • Curiosity and wonder. Watching your cat’s curiosity about the simple things can improve your mental health. They show us that learning new ideas and skills keep us curious about the world.

  • Be silly, stay silly. You already know how to be silly – when you talk to your pet, give them extra hugs and tell them all your secrets. Pet silliness is contagious, just like laughing.
  • Enjoy feeling good. Animals make us feel good. Enjoy time shared with your pets for better health and peace of mind (and spirit). And remember to catnap with your pet.

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“You enter into a certain amount of madness when you marry a person with pets.”
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