Planning Ahead: Your Pet Emergency Plan ⚠️

September is National Preparedness Month. And June 1 through November 30 is the Atlantic hurricane season. We are keenly aware of the power of hurricanes like Hurricane Dorian this year, and Hurricanes Florence and Michael in 2018.

The damage from hurricanes is life threatening and devastating, for pet parents and their pets. One way you can prepare for bad weather is to create a pet emergency plan.

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Remembering 9/11 Rescue Dogs πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ

I was wondering how our pet blog should remember 9/11 then I remembered all the valiant service dogs that lent a helping hand.

All these doggies are now in heaven. We will never forget the hero dogs of 9/11. We thank you…

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Interview: Pet Photographer Lori Fusaro πŸ“·

Professional photographer and owner of Fusaro Photography, Lori Fusaro, is a longtime advocate for homeless animals. Her motto: “No dog should die alone.” Lori also volunteers her time at overcrowded animal shelters in the Los Angeles area. Her photographs of older cats and dogs improve their chances of adoption. Older pets give us their unconditional love and the lasting gift of joyful memories.

Her clients include many animal rescue organizations such as BAD RAP, Guide Dogs for the Blind, K9 Connection, and Angel City Pit Bulls. Lori lives in California with her husband, Darrell, their two rescue dogs, Gabby and Mr. French, and their two cats, Francis and Enzo.

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Freaky Fridays: Prayer, Wi-Fi, Placebos, Quantum Entanglement and Human Evolution πŸ€“

I’m probably going out on a limb here, but I am no stranger to walking a high wire without a safety net. I have more questions than answers. But I hope to inspire others to think about these topics and come to their own conclusions…

In 2014 I wrote how prayer might help suffering loved ones. I also speculated that prayer could also be used to help end the dishonest leadership in our society.

Indeed, if prayer can foster beneficial outcomes (and I believe this is true), somehow there is a mechanism at work. Is the mechanism hard-wired into the universe and/or are there spiritual entities involved? The question is debatable.

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Active Lives for Special Needs Pets 😎

I’m excited to see a growing awareness and appreciation for special needs pets! This pets-are-family awakening means that many cats and dogs, who were once considered unadoptable, are getting a second chance.

Rescue animals who are too old, too sick, too shy, too small or have behavior challenges, are now getting the help they need.

Thankfully, many of these wonderful animals are no longer automatically euthanized.

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Freaky Fridays: Alien Monoliths on Mars Moon Phobos and Greenland? πŸ‘½

From the land of the strange, I bring you something fascinating and mysterious. I draw no conclusions due to insufficient data.

One of the best ways to keep a secret is to make it public. An open secret is the truth mixed in with the partial truth of misinformation and disinformation.

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Celebrating Dr. Pet Mom’s Six Month Milestones! πŸ₯³

August is winding down and we’ll soon be into the fall season. A time for transition is in the air. Looking back, it’s been six months since the launch of our Dr. Pet Mom website.

Six months. Time to look at where we are today, new projects and future plans for Dr. Pet Mom.

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How Bloggers Can Improve Their Social Media Posts πŸ“±

Have you ever published a blog, posted it to social media then realized you had a typo in the title or summary? Then you corrected the typo, but the correction does not show up on Twitter, LinkedIn or Facebook?

Why does this happen? Because the social media platform caches/stores your blog post information the first time you share the link.

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10 Cat Parenting Tips: Quality of Life 🐱

Cats like their alone time. And they like to be social. Cats don’t like to be bored. Let’s face it, people still think cats are mysterious, aloof and not affectionate. People also think living with a cat is easier than living with a dog…

But cat pet parents know differently. Your cat will let you know when (and if) she wants to play, socialize or just wants her alone time. It’s about the quality of life you share with your kitty.

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How to Post Media on Instagram Without a Smartphone πŸ“±

True confession: I’m a troglodyte and don’t own a smartphone. If you are like me, you need a way to post media on Instagram without a phone.

When you log into Instagram on a desktop or laptop computer using a web browser, there is no option to upload photos or videos. But I figured out a work around…

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