Celebrating Adopt A Senior Pet Month πŸ₯³

The holiday season is a time of celebration. I’m happy to celebrate Adopt A Senior Pet Month in November to help senior pets find their new families.

“To create a pet parent community to encourage adoption of rescue and shelter animals. We want to help pets find their forever homes.”

My mission statement keeps me focused on helping animals. Many shelter and rescue animals are senior pets and they’re all looking for a furrever home.

source: newarknj.gov/news/city-of-newark-drops-associated-humane-society-to-partner-with-st-huberts-for-animal-services

So why adopt a senior pet? What is so special about them?? Let me count the ways:

  • Senior pets are relaxed, mellow and easy to please. They are happy to share your company or sit by your feet. Senior pets have good house training and understand basic commands.
  • Senior pets have wisdom. Older cats and dogs have learned life’s lessons. For instance, they know the sunlight warms them up or that a leash means it’s time for walk.
  • Senior pets know that you saved them. They are loyal and forever grateful for your love and friendship. Senior pets know you have rescued them from a life of fear or worse. Maybe you even rescued each other.

  • Senior pets know the difference between indoors and outdoors. Outdoors is for bathroom breaks and exercise. Indoors is for relaxing, dinner time and taking naps with the family.
  • Senior pets have an endless amount of love. These special animals reward you with their steadfast devotion. Gratitude becomes a natural response from your senior pet.
  • Senior pets are excellent companions. They become friends of children, older people and other cats and dogs. Senior pets understand friendship and sharing fun times with you.

  • Senior pets shine through their personalities. You know what you’re getting with senior pets. They quickly reveal their temperament and ability to learn new tasks. What you see is what you get.
  • Senior pets are independent. Senior pets can entertain themselves and don’t need constant attention. They can share your time with you or enjoy their alone time. Senior pets make a perfect companion.
  • Senior pets deserve a second chance. A second chance is the focus of my mission statement to help older animals. How can you not love a cat or doggy with a grey muzzle? I always thank pet parents on the street when I see them out with their senior pets.

Each day, I read a story about how a person helped a senior pet. And many times, pets and humans help each other.

If you’re thinking about pet adoption, I hope you consider adopting an older animal.

You will have a best friend for life!

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Thanks for reading!
Dr. Pet Mom

“My face may be white, but my heart is pure gold. There is no shame is growing old.”

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