Writing For Pets: How Am I Doing? πŸ€”

Animals are Mother Nature’s gift to the world. Animals bring us joy, make us laugh, cry, and feel human. They help us survive – giving is in their DNA.

For many reasons, I’m happy to discover my alter ego, Dr. Pet Mom. Behind the scenes, I’m reticent about my life. But when it comes to animals, I come out of the shadows.

My face lights up with an easy smile. It’s my natural reaction to animals. Coming out of the shadows also means writing a book to help animals. So how am I doing?

I’m happy to share some good news with my pet parent community: I just finished the first draft of my book on adopting older and special needs pets!! And now I’m editing the next draft.

At the moment, I’m jammed up with projects. My list includes:

  • Writing a final report for a research grant: Last year, I decided to apply for a grant to study food policy in rural America. Two other researchers joined my team to study older adults, their unpaid caregivers and the link between food policy and healthcare in rural America. People over age 75 are the fastest growing segment of older adults. Nearly 20% of older Americans live in rural areas. Our study will explore the challenges and unmet needs of family caregivers in rural America.
  • Editing my book on adopting homeless animals: Writing is easy, but editing takes time if done right. I set a goal to finish editing by mid November. I want to get my book to my beta readers, and our graphic designer by early 2020, and publish by next spring.
  • Volunteering for animal rescue groups Part 1: I still make small kennel quilts to help animals in shelters around the country. I like to think my quilts attract potential adopters and help homeless animals find their forever homes!
  • Volunteering for animal rescue groups Part 2: I also work with rescue cats and dogs twice a month. The best part is meeting new faces and visiting with doggies who have been in the shelter for a while. And I enjoy giving love and time to rescue animals.

source: newarknj.gov/news/city-of-newark-drops-associated-humane-society-to-partner-with-st-huberts-for-animal-services

Sometimes I think about the terrible things people do to animals. I’ve learned not to harp on the negative – it saps my energy.

Then I would lose focus from what drpetmom.com is all about: To create a pet parent community to encourage adoption of rescue and shelter animals. We want to help pets find their forever homes.

I work on my daily check ins to keep my focus on what I’m supposed to be doing for animals. I started drpetmom.com as a resource for pet parents everywhere. I hope to guide pet parents toward a quality life for their pets.

Oscar the rescue cat (photo by @SocialClaude)

My book will be my gift to homeless animals. My promise to pet parents is to give them tools, guidance and information. We don’t have to agree on how we care for our pets.

I only ask that you be kind to your pets, and try to be the best pet parent you can be!

Thanks for sharing my “How am I doing?” moment.
Dr. Pet Mom

“You enter into a certain amount of madness when you marry a person with pets.”
–Nora Ephron

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