Dr. Pet Mom Celebrates Year One! πŸ₯³

Leap year is a special year for anyone born on February 29. Dr. Pet Mom is also celebrating a special day in the last week of February. February 24 marks the first anniversary of Dr. Pet Mom!!!

First of all, a big THANK YOU! to all my Dr. Pet Mom followers on social media. Every pet parent deserves recognition for helping a pet. Anything we can do to help animals is a good thing. And thanks to you, our pet parent community is growing.

It feels great to celebrate and build on our six-month milestones.

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Dr. Pet Mom Update: New Book For Pet Parents πŸ“š

I’m very excited to share some news about a Dr. Pet Mom project! This year, I’m writing a book for pets and their pet people. Pet parents everywhere want to give their pets a good life. And pet parenting is a big responsibility for anyone.

Our mission is to create a pet parent community to encourage adoption of rescue and shelter animals. We want to help pets find their forever homes. I’m working hard to keep this promise to members of my pet parent community.

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Writing For Pets: How Am I Doing? πŸ€”

Animals are Mother Nature’s gift to the world. Animals bring us joy, make us laugh, cry, and feel human. They help us survive – giving is in their DNA.

For many reasons, I’m happy to discover my alter ego, Dr. Pet Mom. Behind the scenes, I’m reticent about my life. But when it comes to animals, I come out of the shadows.

My face lights up with an easy smile. It’s my natural reaction to animals. Coming out of the shadows also means writing a book to help animals. So how am I doing?

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